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The Return

Published on May 3, 2014 under , , , ,

Surprise bitches! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.


So it’s been close to 6 months since I last posted something here and I must apologize. To be entirely truthful, this is my fourth attempt at writing a piece since November but I’ve never gotten around to finish up the ones I drafted. I’ve been so busy with my new job that I could only find time to focus on one other project of mine, a.k.a Good Night Angel. It was always a dream of mine to direct a film and, thanks to the many people to whom I am now forever indebted, I got to make a short movie —which should be fully finished by the end of June. So between that and the fact that I was patiently waiting to hear back from graduate schools about my PhD applications, I was in too many head spaces at once to manage to focus my attention on writing something decent. And as my dear friend Ron Swanson once said: “Don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.


BUT I’m back. Plenty has happened since November and, although I usually don’t go into too much detail about things happening in my life unless it relates directly to the topic at hand, I’ll tell you anyway because I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.


Straight to the point: I didn’t get into any of the universities for which I applied, which is a bummer but, hey, I tried. So the plan is to try and do a PhD here in gay Paree, while making this (and by “this” I mean “my presence on the Interwebs”) more of a priority than it has been over the past half-a-year. I intend to write more regularly, create different sections, vamp up the website, la-dee-da. However, considering that I’m still working a full-time job as a manager and the movie is not nearly as finished as I want it to be, PLUS I need to seriously get moving with the French PhD application if I want to get any funding, I may not be able to fully dedicate my time to I Just Have a Lot of Feelings before September. Fear not, however, I will try to post something every month until then to keep everyone sated [Side note: And by “everyone”, I really mean “me, my mom and the other two people who still read this.”]


Other than that, I turned 24 a few days ago and decided this was my last year to do something crazy like BLEACH THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF MY HAIR. It has been the longest process and, seriously, thank God for my overly thick hair because I’ve put it through so much pain I should probably be bald by now. Of course, because I’m really anal and scared about those things, I didn’t go exactly punk rock on my mane: I watched every YouTube video about bleaching your hair; used hair care product before, during and after; and took a week to reach the right shade of ashy white I wanted. Bref, I’m rambling but I feel very happy [Side note: And by “happy” I mean “gay.”]



So far, I’ve written VERY long pieces because I come from the world of academe where more is more and bigger is better. However, I realize now that it might have been a little overambitious of me to expect people to read 12 paragraphs every time they visit this blog. My goal in the upcoming months is to find a way to be as thorough as I want to be while keeping the amount of characters to a minimum.


And because I’m not writing about pop culture today, let me list a couple of articles I think everyone should read:

 – about sexism in the tech industry: What Can Men Do? by Shanley Kane; and this amazing follow-up piece by Matt LeMay What (Else) Can Men Do? Grow the Fuck Up.

– on the myths of motherhood: Sorry But Being a Mother Is Not the Most Important Job In The World  by Catherine Deveny.


That’ll be all. For now.


Love, or what you will,