When I was in middle school, I was taught you should never start a letter with “I”. But it’s a little difficult not to do when writing about yourself. Another solution is to introduce yourself in the third person, like they do in Playbills, but really, this is not something I want to indulge in, because my vanity doesn’t need any more enabling. So, without further ado, here is a short account [adopts a RuPaul voice] of my life.

I was born in April 1990 in Paris and spent most of my life there. Born to two French parents with zero foreign ancestry, I developed a slight complex about my lack of exoticism. This gave me a passion for foreign languages at a very young age and, in turn, led me to get a B.A. in Anglophone Studies and an M.A. in Linguistics. My research so far has focused on the linguistic construction of gender identities in American pop culture with a particular interest for humor, Whiteness, girlhood, sexuality, social dynamics and Mean Girls. Along the way, I also flew to foreign lands and thus went on exchange to the Free University of Berlin, took a gap year in Sydney and was a teaching assistant of French at UC Berkeley for two semesters. Now I’m back in France and I’m freelancing —which really means free-falling and, given that I would like to justify my incessant TV-watching and Internet-browsing, I have decided to share my feelings with the world.

Because I just have a lot of them.


By all means, contact me.